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Launch of new platform to give refugees a voice

Worldwide there are 50 Million refugees. 50 Million People who were forced to leave home and family to find hope in a new
Sometimes we forget that behind the term “Refugee” stands an individual with the personal story of their life.
We want to give them a voice.


With Refugees Voice we created a platform for refugees to share their stories with the new community they are living with.
This way we want to create an understanding and compassion for their situation. We believe that hostile reactions from some
parts of society are triggered by the fear of the unknown.


“If people would know more about the tragic experiences and the motives to leave, xenophobic attitudes could change.
I hope that way we can contribute to a better welcome,”  says co-founder of Refugees Voice Maximilian Power.


Our team will publish video- interviews of refugees, who want to share their story on Refugees Voice.
We are aware that remembering past and personal experiences may cause an emotional response, that’s why Refugees Voice
will co-operate with communal organisations to provide emotional assistance.  An important part of the project is the
participation of refugees in creating and hosting the platform.


In the next phase there will be more projects like workshops with training for relevant media skills.
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