Refugee Voice: campaign on

Short Summary

      We are Victor and Max (19 and 20), we are two second year International Relations students in the Netherlands.
  • Since the second world war, the world has not experienced such a high amount of refugees, whether they are internally displaced or forced out of their country, they all lost their homes. Once they’ve arrived in the supposed “safe heaven” of Europe, many obstacles still hamper their escape.
  • Having passively followed the crises for too long we decided to actively help and assist the refugees in any way possible.
  • We will travel to Budapest in our semester holidays (28th of Oktober- 8th of November) from where we will continue our journey by car to specific areas in need of imminent help. In these areas we will supply basic necessities such as nutrition, hygiene products and phone charging possibilities.

What We Need & What You Get

  • Having already covered the cost for travel and accommodation, we hope to receive donations in any size to finance the costs of the supplies.
  • We will publish daily video logs and interviews on a portal in hope to raise further awareness to this international crisis. We hope to aid refugees as much as possible to make their rigorous journeys more feasible.
  • Further we want to give the refugees a voice, in order to fight xenophobia. By interviewing them, posting their stories on our website we want to create a stage for them to narrate their stories to the population. This way we will create understanding for their situation and generate a more welcome feeling.

The Impact

  • Crisis’ like these should not go unnoticed We cannot wait any longer for these harsh politics to change, as there are tens of thousands of people in political limbo waiting near borders all over Europe.
  • This is why we’ve decided to act and help on the field, to supply as well as enable these people to get their stories out. Overlooking the diverse national identities, ethnicities and races in this world, we all have one thing in common; being human. We feel entitled and responsible to aid and support wherever possible, and with your donation you will actively help the refugees.

Risks & Challenges

  • There are no risks, all your money will be directly converted into aid for the refugees. In order to create maximum transparency we will publish receipts of everything we are buying for the refugees here .

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are not able to donate, feel free to share this campaign.